Vintage Hand Painted Cabinet With Iron Insets

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SKU: TG-69-185

Dimensions: 32" W X 22" D X 33" H


Discover the enchanting allure of our Vintage Hand Painted Cabinet with Iron Insets, a captivating piece that weaves together history, artistry, and functionality. Originating from the northern part of India, this cabinet is not merely furniture; it's a tangible piece of heritage from an ancestral home.

Crafted from rich teak wood, the cabinet stands as a testament to the region's craftsmanship, with a distinctive design that sets it apart. What truly makes this cabinet extraordinary is its original floral painting, skillfully rendered in vibrant reds and greens. The door and top of the cabinet boast intricate grill insets, adding a touch of character that transcends time.

Preserving the authenticity of this vintage gem was paramount to our restoration process. The natural distressing in warm red tones gracefully reveals the wood's inherent beauty, creating a harmonious blend of age and artistry. Every imperfection tells a story, and we've ensured that these stories remain intact.

Opening the two doors reveals a spacious interior with two shelves, offering practical storage while maintaining the cabinet's aesthetic appeal. Whether placed in a small entryway, utilized as an end table in the living room, or serving as a unique nightstand in the bedroom, this 32-inch cabinet seamlessly adapts to various spaces.

Consider this piece as more than furniture; it's an altar of history, a temple of craftsmanship. Embrace its singularity as a collector's item – a one-of-a-kind cabinet that defies convention. Its uniqueness and charm make it a versatile addition to your home, promising to be a conversation starter and a focal point in any room. Elevate your space with the timeless beauty of our Vintage Hand Painted Cabinet with Iron Insets, a treasure that transcends generations.