Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood Cheveron Sideboard With Drawers

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SKU: TG-69-172

Dimensions: 60" W X 16" D X 36" H


Introducing the Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood Chevron Sideboard with Drawers, a stunning furniture piece that seamlessly combines rustic charm with functional design. Crafted from reclaimed wood sourced from old doors, the sideboard boasts a painted patina that adds character and history to any space.

The highlight of this sideboard is its unique chevron pattern, showcasing the artistry involved in repurposing materials to create a distinctive piece of furniture. The sideboard features three spacious drawers in the center, providing convenient storage for smaller items such as cutlery, table linens, or other dining essentials.

Flanked by two cabinets on either side, each with a single shelf inside, this sideboard offers versatile storage options. The cabinet doors, adorned with the same reclaimed wood and patina finish, open to reveal ample space for larger items like serving dishes, dinnerware, or even board games.

The Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood Chevron Sideboard is not limited to a specific room; its versatility allows it to serve various purposes throughout your home. In the dining room, it functions superbly as a buffet, offering both style and functionality for hosting dinners and gatherings. Alternatively, place it in the living room to store media components and accessories, creating a focal point with its unique design.

In the gameroom, this sideboard can double as a storage solution for board games, puzzles, or other entertainment essentials. Its farmhouse charm adds warmth to the space, making it an inviting area for family and friends. For a creative twist, consider using it in the bedroom as a dresser, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your personal sanctuary.

Whether you choose to showcase it in the dining room, living room, gameroom, or bedroom, the Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood Chevron Sideboard with Drawers is a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home, bringing a sense of history and craftsmanship to your interior decor.

• 100% solid wood sideboard
• Reclaimed wood from old doors repurposed
• Entirely handmade by expert artisans
• Sideboard with 2 doors
• 3 drawers in center
• Black metal stand
• Hand distressed finish
• Modern farmhouse style
• Sustainable furniture
• Heirloom quality