Farmhouse Style Distressed Painted Solid Wood 6 Drawers Bedroom Dresser

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SKU: TG-68-046

Dimensions: 60" W X 18" D X 36" H


Introducing our Farmhouse Style Distressed Painted Solid Wood 6 Drawers Bedroom Dresser – a timeless piece crafted with passion and purpose. This exquisite dresser is a fusion of history and sustainability, as it breathes new life into reclaimed wood from old vintage doors, creating a masterpiece with a story to tell.

The allure of this dresser lies in its distinctive character, a result of meticulous hand distressing that unveils layers of paint from bygone eras. Each stroke of distressing reveals a kaleidoscope of colors, showcasing the rich history embedded in every inch of this unique piece.

The foundation of this dresser is rooted in sustainability, with the majority of its structure crafted from ethically sourced mango wood. The conscious choice of materials aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring that your timeless piece not only graces your home but does so with a minimal ecological footprint.

The design boasts a harmonious balance, featuring a set of three drawers on both sides flanking an antique door in the center. The drawers smoothly glide on wooden slides, providing functionality that seamlessly integrates with the dresser's aesthetic charm. Inside the door, a convenient shelf adds an extra dimension to the dresser's utility, offering a perfect nook for organizing essentials.

Versatility is at the core of this dresser's essence. Whether adorning your bedroom as a charming six-drawer storage solution or making a statement in the entryway, welcoming knick-knacks and keys, or even serving as a rustic buffet in the kitchen or dining area – the possibilities are as varied as your imagination.

The farmhouse style is accentuated by the expertly distressed painted finish, while the dark walnut stain on the top and body adds a touch of sophistication. This juxtaposition of rugged charm and refined elegance makes it an ideal choice for homes with lighter-colored walls and light oak wood floors, allowing the dresser to stand out as a focal point in its surroundings.

Elevate your living space with the Farmhouse Style Distressed Painted Solid Wood 6 Drawers Bedroom Dresser – where history, sustainability, and style converge to create a truly exceptional piece of furniture.

• 100% solid wood credenza
• Reclaimed wood from vintage doors repurposed
• Antique teak wood door in the center
• Mango wood structure
• Entirely handmade by expert artisans
• 6 drawers on wood slides
• Hand distressed finish on drawers and door
• Dark walnut stain on body
• Rustic farmhouse style
• Sustainable furniture
• Heirloom quality