Vintage Carved Door Upcycled 48 in. Tall Rustic Cabinet

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SKU: TG-69-055

Dimensions: 29" W X 17" D X 48" H


Introducing a distinctive piece of furniture that effortlessly combines history and craftsmanship – the Vintage Carved Door Upcycled Rustic Cabinet. Standing at an impressive 48 inches tall, this cabinet features teak wood doors sourced from India, meticulously hand-carved to showcase intricate details. The doors, now repurposed as the cabinet's front, bear the marks of a careful distressing process, resulting in an enchanting off-white finish.

The hand-distressed treatment unveils the stunning natural grains of the teak wood beneath the paint, creating a unique aesthetic. The paint gracefully settles within the grains, contributing to a beautiful and textured finish. Opening the doors reveals a well-designed interior with two wooden shelves, providing ample storage space. The inside boasts a warm contrast with a rich brown stain, adding depth and character to the cabinet.

The exterior of the cabinet continues the distressed off-white theme, exuding a rustic charm that seamlessly fits into various interior styles. This versatile piece can find a home in your bedroom as an armoire, make a statement in the entryway, or add functional elegance to your living room as storage. Its timeless design allows it to complement both modern and farmhouse aesthetics, making it an ideal addition to any home seeking a touch of vintage allure. Embrace the beauty of history and craftsmanship with this one-of-a-kind Vintage Carved Door Upcycled Rustic Cabinet – a true testament to the artistry of repurposed furniture.