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Our statement-making handcrafted beds mostly feature lower footboards, creating a more modern, yet eclectic look.

1. Our statement-making handcrafted beds mostly feature lower footboards, creating a more modern, yet eclectic look.

2. An old Pitara re-purposed blanket box at the foot of the bed can be used both as a bench and for storage of your top of the bed covers.

3. In place of a traditional dresser and “tall boy” both with drawers, it is aesthetically more pleasing to use sideboards with shelves, and cupboards to replace the taller piece. The difference being that instead of pulling out drawers, you are opening doors. If you wish to add baskets for underwear and socks, it is doable. The sideboard/dresser can also work as a TV console, if you have a TV in your bedroom.

4. Lamps and bedside cabinets can be mix and match designs, space permitting, with a different feel for his and her side of the bed.

5. The mirror can either go horizontally above the sideboard (in absence of a TV) or vertically on a different wall as a semi full length mirror.

6. Changing a traditional light fixture to a rustic chandelier brings a more romantic, soulful feel to the room.

7. All of these pieces create an eclectic or transitional look, and can, in a future life, easily be used in other areas of the house for a different purpose. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to bedroom design. In fact, lose the box!

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