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I need help! I like my home but I have to say I am bored with the look in some of the rooms.

Diana P: I need help! I like my home but I have to say I am bored with the look in some of the rooms. It needs “something” to make it look different from everyone else’s.

RDP: When we look at a room professionally, there are many elements that need to be taken into account. For starters, what color are the walls? Paint colors help create the ambiance in a room, whether you decide to go with cool colors, warm colors, or neutrals. The cool color palette tends to be more elegant and understated, whereas warm colors are both traditional and popular. Or, to make a statement, consider creating a custom faux finish (as seen in our vignette above) to add both texture and dimension. And, remember whether you choose, warm, cool or faux finish, there is no wrong choice! Once we decide which palette suits your lifestyle and your personal taste, we can pick out the colors and textures that will enhance the natural characteristics of the room.

Next we have to evaluate whether the size, shape, and scale of the existing furniture is in balance with the layout and dimensions of the room. For instance, if the pieces are too small in a high ceilinged room, they tend to look lost and misplaced in all that space. Similarly, if the furniture is too large for the room, it will overwhelm the space, creating a crowded look. All the pieces in your room should be balanced and complement each other for good flow and harmony, in terms of size, shape, scale and color.

Which brings me to the next point: harmonious does not have to mean “matchy-matchy!” I always suggest starting with an anchor piece that can act as the focal point for the room; you can then build around that statement piece. For example, take a look at the intricate detail on the paint-washed and hand carved armoire above. This statement-making piece of furniture should be something you absolutely love and that expresses your personality. Every time you walk past, it should make you smile! Often times, this piece will be different in style and color from your other pieces. This piece (or pieces) sets your room and you apart from everyone else’s and brings that “wow” factor in.

Keeping in mind that traveling has become a way of life these days; picking out pieces from different locales helps create a world traveled look in your home. To achieve this, we suggest bringing in accents, accessories, and textiles from different regions of the world and mixing them for that seamless look. For instance, in these pictures you can see how the hand painted “matka” water pot adds a splash of fun color (above), while the hand painted nightstand (above) features old shutter doors to create the sides of the piece.Then there is this sideboard from India (below) which has been handcrafted and re-purposed from old architectural elements, into a transitional piece that would go with many styles of home décor. Above all, remember to have fun while creating your beautiful home!

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