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favorite part – bringing down boxes of holiday decor

chalking1.) It’s time to start planning the big Thanksgiving meal, keeping in mind everyone’s favorite foods! We kick it all off by placing the order for turkey, fixings, debating the dessert options (and hoping it gets cold enough for hot apple cider, mulled wine or spiked eggnog)!

2.) Next comes our favorite part – bringing down boxes of holiday decor, opening them, and exclaiming with glee as we lay out the old favorites, while still taking a moment to get creative with new additions to decorate the home. A design tip: keep in mind that curb appeal counts – be sure to make a fun outdoor creation with bundles of hay, pumpkins, fall leaves, flowers, and of course a scarecrow! Another design tip: when considering your centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal table, try elevating it with a pedestal, such as a low tea table, and be sure to add some decoratives with height, like candle stands and pumpkin spice candles. You can then surround the candles with fall foliage, pumpkins, and gourds!

3.) Another favorite moment comes after the food is prepared, the table is set, the decorations are in place, and it’s  time to relax with a glass of wine, apple cider, or a cold beer while waiting for the guests to arrive!

4.) Football is such a Thanksgiving tradition that the day would be incomplete without all TVs in the home tuned into the big game. Everyone is picking sides, yelling, jumping for joy or groaning, shaking their heads, or covering their eyes in disbelief. Snacks and drinks flow, kids and dogs run underfoot, and Mom is in the kitchen.

5.) Before you know it, it is time for the big meal! Dad gets ready to carve the turkey, as the stuffing, mashed potatoes, salads, cranberry sauce, and corn bread make the rounds. We always love hearing the old family stories rehashed, a couple new one thrown into the mix, and the moment when everyone is talking at once!

6.) Dessert always ends up being some of everything: apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chocolate brownies, Blue Bell ice cream and more.

7.) Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the crazy and eccentric relatives! C’mon, own up, we all have a couple or more in our family, and they seem to be at their quirky best when surrounded by family!

8.) One of the best moments of the entire holiday is when we all give thanks for health, loved ones, home, and food on the table. We are joyfully grateful for all the good in our lives, and all the abundance we are showered with.

9.) After the inevitable food coma, it’s time to take a little snooze in the comfiest recliner we can find!

10.) Finally, you look around and realize that another Thanksgiving has passed. People start chalking out black Friday shopping strategies, although ours is just to stay away and enjoy a nice turkey sandwich instead.

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