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Along the theme of tables, we would love to share some design tips for the various tables in our showroom (soon to be in your home!).

Along the theme of tables, we would love to share some design tips for the various tables in our showroom (soon to be in your home!). A coffee table shouldn’t be an island perched in the middle of your living room; rather, a coffee table is the single piece of furniture that pulls the whole seating in the room together. It should be close enough to all your seating so it is not only aesthetically pleasing but is functional as well. You should be able to use it for drinks, food, books, magazines, and even for propping your feet up. So the size, shape, and scale of your coffee table, in relation to the size and layout of the couches, is most important. Next, choose an end table or mix and match end tables that complement, but do not necessarily match your selection of coffee table – don’t be afraid to have fun and select the pieces that appeal to you. And keep in mind that if you like any of our coffee tables (especially one which would be a good size for a dining table) we can change the legs on the coffee table to dining table height.

Here’s a great design tip for console or sofa tables: they can be used in entryways, behind sofas, or even as desks. It’s perfectly okay to have the console table higher than the back of your sofa; in that scenario, you could easily drape a decorative textile over the console, one that would be visible on the back of the console, as well as on top of it. It is also acceptable to use a sideboard as a sofa table, should you need storage and/or if you are drawn to one in place of a sofa table.

All of our various dining tables can be used both indoors or outdoors, whatever your need for your home. They also make one-of-a-kind desks! And if you find a dining table you love, but wished it was a coffee table, we would be happy to change the legs of the dining table to coffee table height. Scroll down for some details of our beautiful tables

Even if you’re not on the lookout for that perfect table set, be sure to come into the showroom to check out our sales on everything from sideboards to bookcases to accessories and all other items in the showroom!

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