Unique Antique Door Solid Wood Display Case With Glass Shelves

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SKU: TG-61-031

Dimensions: 43" W x 19" D x 85" H

Create an aesthetically pleasing space of your own by adding this unique solid wood display case to your décor. The antique door serves as the backdrop of this bookcase and offers eloquence to even minimally toned spaces thanks to its vibrant carvings and intricate details like the upcycled latch. Featuring a farmhouse style, this repurposed display cabinet in fuses old world heritage to your transitional or rustic interiors. Place your favorite novels paired with rare collectibles on the 3 glass shelves to pump up the warm inviting tone of your interiors.

Add exuberance to your library or home office, by placing figurines or photo frames along with stationaries, paperbacks, book collections, and documents, creating a balance of vintage ambiance and functionality. The distressed look offered by the natural painted patina over the dark-toned frame adds visual depth and rustic hue to modern spaces.


  • Made of 100% solid wood
  • Handmade by skilled woodworkers
  • Antique door with latchupcycled
  • Intricate hand-carvings
  • Dark walnut finish with painted patina
  • Farmhouse style with distressed look
  • Eco-friendly furniture