Ranch Style Rustic 108" Long Solid Wood Sideboard Credenza

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SKU: TG-66-111

Dimensions: 108" W x 20" D x 39" H

An increasingly popular choice for interior design, this solid wood sideboard is a must-have for every homeowner. This 108 inches long antique cabinet has been sustainably repurposed from naturally aged doors with painted patina belonging to the 1800s. This exquisite credenza has 4 repurposed doors constructed from teakwood and showcases a beautiful ancient look with the dark green painted patina. The antique doors are kept intact with original nailheads, iron straps, pull-out rings, and wooden latches that add to their rustic charm. With a sturdy body crafted from mango wood, this upcycled storage cabinet is environmentally friendly with a distinctive ancient appearance. It is masterfully fashioned in the ranch style and bears a rustic look of Spanish colonial influences. This sideboard boasts a unique architecture with recessed sides and a breakfront design with 20 inches of depth in the center. Make use of this resourceful furniture by using it as a sideboard for your living room. You could also use it as a buffet in the dining room and house your dinnerware, linens, table mats, and other dining table accessories. Welcome an elemental nature into your home by styling this credenza with white or earthy-toned decorative vases and cherished photo frames.


  • Handcrafted by expert artisans
  • Made of 100% solid wood
  • Mango wood body
  • Repurposed teak wood doors belonging 1800s
  • Antique sideboard with 4 doors
  • Original nailheads, iron straps, pull-out rings, and wooden latches
  • Naturally aged door with painted patina
  • 108 inches long
  • Unique breakfront design with recessed sides
  • Ranch style with rustic charm
  • Influenced by Spanish colonial style
  • Sustainable furniture