Antique Two Door Distressed White Armoire Bedroom Cabinet

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SKU: TG-66-110

Dimensions: 37" W x 17" D x 76" H

Introduction: Steeped in history and culture, this two-door antique armoire is a stunning piece of furniture that has been hand crafted to perfection.

Tracing the history: This unique armoire is made from a 1900s antique door sourced from India. The original doors were hand carved in teak wood by skilled artisans of yesteryears. The original nail heads and metal straps are kept intact which adds to the authenticity of this armoire.

Dimensions: 37" W x 17" D x 76" H With 37 inches width, this armoire can be placed in a narrow space which requires a vertical storage solution. The tall and imposing height of 76 inches, this armoire is sure to draw attention and admiration.

Construction and special attributes: This armoire is an amalgam of teak wood and mango wood. The body of the armoire is made from mango wood, which is known for its sturdiness and sustainability. The doors are made from high quality teak wood which is renowned for its durability. Finished in a distressed white color on the outside and brown on the inside, this armoire creates a stunning visual effect. The four compartments behind the antique doors provide ample storage space for clothes, linen, and other items.

Utility and function: This armoire can be used as a wardrobe or closet in the bedroom or as a storage cabinet in the living room. Place it in the dining room as a bar or liquor cabinet and impress your guests with this charming piece.

Home Style: The distressed finish on this armoire gives it a rustic and vintage feel. Whether you place this one-of-a-kind armoire in a farmhouse style home or a transitional setting, it’s got its own unmatched character that would make it an anchor piece in the room it’s placed in.

Conclusion: This antique door armoire would be a perfect addition to any home that has traveled the world and vales history, culture, and tradition. This beautiful armoire is not just a piece of functional furniture but also a work of art that tells a story.