Mid 1900s Teak Wood 53" Tall Rustic Cabinet With Metal Accents

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SKU: TG-68-079

Dimensions: 30" W x 14" D x 53" H

This stunning 1900s teak wood cabinet exudes rustic charm, making it a perfect addition to any ranch style home. An antique hope chest has been creatively repurposed to craft this unique piece.

One of the standout features of this cabinet is the hand hammered metal sheet that the doors are cladded with. The metal straps all around the cabinet add a touch of industrial edge to this cabinet, making it a perfect piece for any setting, from farmhouse to modern, eclectic spaces. The wood and the metal has naturally aged and distressed showcasing the deep brown hue that is both warm and inviting.

Entirely crafted in teak wood, which is known for its durability, strength and natural beauty, this cabinet is very sturdy and yet functional. The 2 doors open to three compartments providing ample storage space for everyday essentials. Place this unique cabinet in the kitchen as a pantry chest or in the bedroom for additional storage. It can be used in the living room or the entryway as a statement piece. This versatile and functional cabinet can be a practical addition to any room in your house.

An antique hope chest from India has been given a new life and purpose as a functional piece of furniture with this cabinet. This cabinet is not only sustainable, but it also brings a sense of history and heritage to any room its placed in. Overall, this teak wood cabinet with metal accents is a stunning piece of furniture that will make a statement in any home. Its unique design, sustainable origins, and practicality make it a versatile addition to any room, while its rich brown distressed finish give it a rustic charm.