Early 1900s Antique Door Upcycled 2-Door Small Buffet

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SKU: TG-69-054

Dimensions: 48" W X 20" D X 38" H


Transform your space with the charm of a bygone era with our Early 1900s Antique Door Upcycled 2-Door Small Buffet. This unique piece features an antique teak wood door sourced from India, complete with its original metal straps and iron pins, repurposed as the focal point of this exquisite cabinet. The rest of the structure is crafted from sustainable mango wood, ensuring both durability and eco-friendliness.

Opening the two doors reveals a spacious interior with plenty of storage, enhanced by a convenient center shelf. At 48 inches wide, this small buffet is remarkably versatile, fitting seamlessly into any corner of your home. Whether placed in the living room or the entryway, its compact size allows for easy integration into various spaces.

What sets this piece apart is its hand-distressed white-washed finish, adding a touch of modern farmhouse style to your decor. The careful distressing technique gives it a timeless aesthetic, blending the vintage appeal of the antique door with a contemporary flair. This buffet is not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement of style and history.

Bring coastal vibes into your home by incorporating this charming buffet into your decor. The white-washed finish complements coastal themes effortlessly, creating a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Moreover, the solid wood construction ensures durability, making it resistant to humidity and weather conditions. This means you can enjoy the allure of coastal living without worrying about the impact of environmental factors on your furniture.

In summary, our Early 1900s Antique Door Upcycled 2-Door Small Buffet seamlessly combines history, sustainability, and style. Whether you choose to use it as a small buffet or as an eye-catching piece in your living room or entryway, this versatile cabinet promises to elevate your space with its unique character and enduring appeal.