Antique Teak Wood Carved Ganesh 95"Tall Doorway

SKU: HC-040-47B

Dimensions: 55” wide X 6” deep X 95” high
Interior Dimension: 39.5” wide X 72” high

This richly hand carved doorway from the early 1900s is reclaimed from old “Haveli” mansion in the Punjab province of North India. The intricate carvings features the Hindu deity “Ganesh” on the top section of the frame. Ganesh is easily recognizable by his elephant head, is believed to be the remover of obstacles, and brings in wisdom and prosperity.

The use of Teak wood brought out its characteristic hardness and weather resistance allowing this frame to age gracefully.

Use this doorframe around an opening in your home to bring in the rustic charm. This beautiful frame can also be used as a large mirror to lighten up any space.


• A rare piece and only one of its kind exists
• 100% solid Teak wood
• Handmade by skilled artisans
• 1900s Doorframe
• Ornate hand carved doorframe with “Ganesh”
• Medium walnut finish
• Country Farmhouse style
• Piece shown in the photos is the one which will be shipped

The listed dimensions are measured from one extremity to the other, height wise and width wise. Please contact us for specific dimensions.