Solid Reclaimed Wood Executive Desk With Doors and Drawers

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SKU: TG-56-002

Dimensions: 60" W x 30" D x 31" H

Work from home in style. This vibrant work desk is made from reclaimed wood from vintage doors that were salvaged from old havelis of Rajasthan & Gujarat. The beauty of this desk comes from the painted patina of the original doors from which it was made. This farmhouse style desk is made from 100% solid wood and will surely stand the test of time. This will be a timeless and elegant addition to your home office.

The unique distressed finish of this desk allows it to be used in a traditional or modern design layout. The desk features only the original color of the reclaimed wood and no additional color post production. Handmade by skilled artisans, after long pain-staking hours of work to find the perfect distressed look, that makes each piece a one of a kind item.

This vibrant desk features a cabinet on each side and a drawer above each door. The drawers and cabinet doors feature a shuttered look, which adds to the farmhouse look of this desk. The doors and drawers feature black colored hardware for opening and closing. There is an additional shelf in the middle of the opening of the desk that can be used to keep your printer or other accessories. The desk features a wide top to accommodate your gadgets and gizmos. 


    • 100% solid wood
    • Handmade by skilled artisans
    • Distressed finish
    • 2 cabinets and 2 drawers
    • Farmhouse style