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Far Pavilions has a brilliant collection of sideboards that are meticulously handcrafted from architectural elements like antique doors, windows, carvings, reclaimed wood, etc. Each of the sideboards is unique and can add a graceful touch of rustic design element to your home.

Categories of Sideboards

Explore unique types of sideboards and credenzas from our ensemble and make your buying decision a walk in the park. Each design would be appealing to space, based on its functionality.

Sideboards and credenza: Our reclaimed wood sideboards can be seamlessly integrated into your living room to add a touch of grandeur to the setting. These credenzas would serve as an excellent storage unit providing ample space for your books, blankets, gadgets, etc

Buffets: Having the right buffet can add a nice decorative substance to your dining area. It can be used to display your collection of fine china or use the expansive top at your dinner parties for serving. The drawers and the cabinets of a buffet can be used to organize all your extra dinnerware, glassware, and stemware.

Small two-door storage cabinet: Compact Storage cabinets with two doors can be placed anywhere in your home, be it in the foyer, study, kitchen, or mudroom. These cabinets provide the much-needed extra storage space for your home.

Media TV console/Entertainment center: Our versatile sideboards can be used as media and TV consoles. The open shelves in the center of these cabinets are designed to organize all the entertainment-related gadgets and accessories. The lattice-carved doors of the sideboards allow the remotes to work through them easily.

Dresser: A dresser in the bedroom will work as an elegant storage unit for your daily needs. They can be complemented with a beautiful hand-carved mirror to elevate the design quotient of the bedroom as well.


Far Pavilion has an exclusive range of sideboard styles that will resonate with your choice and taste.

Farmhouse: Farmhouse sideboards embody the simplicity of farmhouse living. Neutral finish wood is the highlight of any farmhouse style.

Country: Inspired by the furniture made by country craftsmen, country-style sideboards usually carry a very sturdy and rugged look.

Mid-century modern: Mid-century modern sideboards revisit the mid 20th century period in terms of design and styles. They are designed in characteristic clean lines with the use of an uncluttered geometric organic look.

Industrial: An industrial sideboard usually has a prominent use of metal and bears a rugged and rustic finish, much like the industries of yesteryears.

Shabby chic: Originally coined in 1980, this style of shabby chic sideboards uses a lot of colors and accentuates the minor flaws in the timber to give an ode to the process of natural aging of wood.

Eclectic: Our eclectic sideboards are stunning and beautiful. The right combination of the old and new elements would bring an artistic vibe to any space of your home.

French: French-style sideboards are sophisticated and elegant. Inspired by the French colonial designs, these sideboards are handcrafted to give you a feel of aristocracy in the comfort of your homes.

Transitional: Striking the perfect balance between the traditional and contemporary style is our collection of transitional sideboards. Add any one of these elegant and timeless sideboards for a warm and unconventional look.


The size of the sideboard and credenza usually define the utility of the piece. It also dictates where and how you would like to place these sideboards in your home. At Far Pavilions, sideboards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Large, medium, and small size cabinets: With the variation in the size, the functionality and storage capacity change to a great extent. With more drawers and storage space in a large cabinet, it is a good choice to place it in your dining room or living room. Small- and medium-size cabinets are best suited for the bedroom, as they can double up as dressers or nightstands.

Distressed finished, hand painted, multicolored and two tones: Our collection includes distressed sideboards that will give a rustic charm to your home. You can choose any of our multicolored sideboards or our two tones sideboards crafted from reclaimed woods with a painted patina that adds age and character to these pieces.

Glass doors, two doors, two drawers, and two shelves: A glass door sideboard works perfectly as a media TV unit whereas a two-door sideboard will be a great storage cabinet. A sideboard with two drawers and two shelves can serve well as a bar or wine cabinet.

Hand-carved: Far Pavilion has an exquisite collection of hand-carved sideboards. The elaborate detailing on the panels adds finesse and panache to all our pieces. The minute details of the carving also highlight the skillfulness of our artisans, who have learned this craftsmanship from their ancestors.


The material of the sideboard often determines the look and the finish of the final product. The material sets the tone for how the final product will be used and paired with the interiors of the house.

Teak wood: Teak wood is an excellent choice of wood for furniture. Teak wood is hardwood and the sideboards made from teak wood are more durable. These teak wood sideboards wear a beautiful natural grain, which is enhanced by the meticulous hand staining done by our skilled artisans.

Solid mango wood: Mango wood has unique grains of different colors and tones. It is because of the dense grain that the furniture made from solid mango wood is distinctive and durable at the same time. The natural texture of the wood also allows solid mango wood sideboards to have a more neutral finish which will not wear out quickly. This wood is sustainably sourced and is environmentally friendly.

Solid reclaimed wood: Solid reclaimed wood sideboards stand out in terms of design. They carry the heritage of the timber that has been used to build the sideboards. Vintage doors with painted patina are repurposed to craft most of our reclaimed wood sideboards. These doors once wore the paint that the original homeowner painted on them. Once reclaimed, the paint is hand stripped to expose the various colors from beneath. Each sideboard made from reclaimed or recycled wood has a story to tell.

Wood and Iron: The use of wood and iron in sideboards renders unique-looking sideboards. Wood and iron sideboards usually dominate the industrial style. Iron motifs on the cabinet doors of a sideboard give a delightfully rustic look.

Far Pavilion takes pride in offering you the best and the most premium quality sideboards and credenzas. Our storage cabinets are available in a variety of one-of-a-kind styles and designs. They are crafted from solid wood and reclaimed wood that has been sourced from timber with a rich history. Old architectural elements like antique doors, columns, windows are upcycled and given a new life by repurposing them into furniture pieces. It is our best effort to keep the original nail heads, brass pins, metal pulls, and other hardware intact to enhance the beauty of these sideboards.
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    Ranch Style 4 Antique Door 88" Long Sideboard In Distressed Finish

    $3,499.00 $2,974.15
    Dimensions: 88" L X 20" D X 39.5" HChoose this simply majestic and aesthetically pleasing sideboard to add a touch of grandeur to your home. This environmentally friendly and sustainably...

    Farmhouse Style 109 Inches Extra Large Dining Room Sideboard Cabinet

    $4,199.00 $3,569.15
    Dimensions: 109" W x 20" D x 38" HBring out the essence of your home with this exquisite antique farmhouse style sideboard curated using an antique door with original hardware...

    Farmhouse Style 80" Long Solid Wood Credenza With Glass Doors

    $2,749.00 $2,336.65
    Dimensions: 80" W X 18" D X 36" H Elevate your living space with our Farmhouse Style 80" Long Solid Wood Credenza with Glass Doors, a truly exceptional piece crafted...

    Ranch Style Rustic Aged Rail Road Ties Repurposed Teak Wood Sideboard Cabinet

    $2,449.00 $2,081.65
    Dimensions: 59" W x 17" D x 36" HFull of rustic charm, this sideboard offers functionality and a chic look that would blend well with any décor. The straight-line structure...

    Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood Cheveron Sideboard With Drawers

    $2,649.00 $2,251.65
    Dimensions: 60" W X 16" D X 36" H   Introducing the Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood Chevron Sideboard with Drawers, a stunning furniture piece that seamlessly combines rustic charm with...

    Farmhouse Style Distressed Blue Carved 60 in. Large Sideboard With Glass Doors

    $2,449.00 $2,081.65
    Dimensions: 60" W X 18" D X 39" H   Introducing our Farmhouse Style Distressed Blue Carved 60 in. Large Sideboard with Glass Doors, a timeless piece crafted from sturdy...

    Farmhouse Style Distressed Painted Solid Wood 6 Drawers Bedroom Dresser

    $2,649.00 $2,251.65
    Dimensions: 60" W X 18" D X 36" H   Introducing our Farmhouse Style Distressed Painted Solid Wood 6 Drawers Bedroom Dresser – a timeless piece crafted with passion and...

    Farmhouse Style Distressed Reclaimed Wood 66 in. Long 3 Door Sideboard

    $2,749.00 $2,336.65
    Dimensions: 66" W X 16" D X 39" H   Introducing the Farmhouse Style Distressed Reclaimed Wood 66 in. Long 3 Door Sideboard – a rustic masterpiece that seamlessly blends...

    Farmhouse Style Reaclaimed Wood 10in. Narrow Entryway Cabinet

    $1,899.00 $1,614.15
    Dimensions: 50" W X 9.5" D X 37" H   Introducing our Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood 10-inch Narrow Entryway Cabinet, a timeless piece that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern...

    Farmhouse Style Reclaimed Wood 56" Long Distressed Painted Sideboard

    $2,549.00 $2,166.65
    Dimensions: 56" W x 16" D x 36" H Introduction: Combining rustic charm with vintage aesthetics, this farmhouse style reclaimed wood sideboard is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Tracing the...

    Lotus Carved 4 Door Mango Wood Sideboard With Mirror Accents

    $2,449.00 $2,081.65
    Dimensions: 69.5" W x 16" D x 38" HAdd energy and excitement to your home with this eclectic accent sideboard. Hand carved by skilled artisans using old world techniques passed...

    Transitional Style Solid Wood Buffet With Hammered Brass Accents

    $2,749.00 $2,336.65
    Dimensions: 59" W X 16" D X 36" H   Introducing a masterpiece of craftsmanship and sophistication, the Transitional Style Solid Wood Buffet with Hammered Brass Accents is a luxurious...

    Industrial Solid Wood Credenza With Decorative Iron Hinges

    $2,699.00 $2,294.15
    Dimensions: 72"W X 18"D X 42"HThe ruggedness of the rural, combined with a fastidious fixation on style creates for you the farmhouse sideboard with drawers, large and luxurious at 72...

    Rustic Solid Wood 4-Door Credenza With Metal Strap Accents

    $3,549.00 $3,016.65
    Dimensions: 89"W X 18"D X 40"HAdd elegance to your home with the solid wood 4-door credenza. This rare piece of distressed sideboard with drawers is ideal to be used as...

    Solid Wood Extra Large 106" Extra Large Sideboard Cabinet with 4 Doors & Drawers

    $4,199.00 $3,569.15
    Dimensions: 106" W x 20" D x 45" HTell a tale of impeccable taste with this farmhouse-style sideboard designed with repurposed teak wood doors dating back to the 1800s. Handmade...

    Rustic 89" Extra Long Solid Wood Credenza With Drawers & Iron Strap Accents

    $3,499.00 $2,974.15
    Dimensions: 89" W x 18" D x 39" HChoosing the right furniture can go a long way when your living room’s ambiance is concerned. To add character and elevate your...
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