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Furniture in your home mirrors your passion for home décor. Bookcases and display cases, for instance, are one of those furniture pieces which will often pull prime attention in your interior spaces. They come with horizontal shelves and speak of the assiduity for craft in your personal style. Whether you follow the traditional book shelving path or decorate with souvenirs, picture frames, or seasonal blooms, bookcases will definitely be one of the most valuable pieces of furniture you will own.


With a vast range of bookcases and display cases, we are a one-stop solution for your search to bring out the charm of yesteryear to your interiors.

Bookcases: Bookcases are those versatile pieces of furniture that can be kept in your living room, bedroom, study, or office, to serve varied purposes apart from storing books and magazines. Far Pavilions has an eminent collection of solid wood bookcases that are ideal for placing curios and heavy items such as vases. You can choose to keep remotes, TV and gaming accessories on the multiple shelves when you place a bookcase in the living room.

Display case or cabinet: A display case is a cabinet with one or more surfaces that are used to display objects. Choose a wooden display cabinet to showcase your prized décor items— statuettes, vases, china, mementos— or to store books and magazines. Create a dramatic spin to your interiors by placing a display case in the hallway.

Bookshelves: Bookshelves are sets of wall-mounted shelves typically affixed high on the wall, making them ideal to keep fragile or prized collections. Bookshelves in the living room can free up the floor and declutter the space while also being the attraction point for the guests. Moreover, wooden bookshelves offer a natural vibe with their organic grain pattern that will blend with any interior style.


The style of your furniture is an important factor as it elevates the aura of your home and office. Our range of bookcases and display cases will give you unending ideas for a dreamy interior.

Vintage: Vintage styled bookcases give a warm feel to your interiors and behind their doors. They are old-fashioned and elegant storage solutions that you need for items around the house. It gives off an artistic flair and a touch of nostalgia. Far Pavilions brings a range of bookshelves, inspired by vintage styles such as French, Spanish, colonial for you to have a tone of historical charm in your interiors.

Antique: An antique bookcase would most likely be the ones you see in your grandparents’ home, mostly made entirely out of wood. These are larger than modern bookcases but can fit in homes that have generous space, making them impressive accent furniture. We design bookcases of your dreams which are crafted out of wood reclaimed from old doors, doorframes, and columns making them your prized possessions laden with the charm of originals antiques.

Farmhouse: A farmhouse styled bookcase has natural textures and can use materials like wrought iron and wood. Influenced by country living, a farmhouse bookcase creates a rustic and homey ambiance and can serve as a storage cabinet for your everyday items.

Rustic: Rustic bookcases have a rugged, old-world appeal to them. Tall rustic bookcases will be the accent piece in your living area to showcase décor items. They can be used as extra shelving to put towels in the bathroom and in the laundry room to store essential supplies.

Eclectic: Eclectic style is a marriage of different periods which creates an unusual yet alluring charm through mutual designs and shapes. Eclectic bookcases are crafted without playing by any rule book, still, look incredible in the harmony of unmatched elements.

Sizes Available

We stock bookcases and display cases that are available in a variety of sizes. You can select a small bookcase to store paperback novels, notebooks, or CDs. Some of our taller bookcases are between 30 to 48 inches wide with the height varying from 72 to 96 inches which will be ideal for high ceilings and modern buildings. For extra storage space in the living area to display decorative items along with photo albums, our medium size bookcases are the ones to get a hold of. Large bookcases will be the perfect accent piece in a home library or spacious rooms where you can additionally store large art books or place photo frames and small paintings. If you have long hallways or home office, opt for our extra-large bookcase with 100 inches width that can act as a divider to create a dual-purpose room.


The features of furniture are like their personality. Select one based on your taste and needs.

Reclaimed wood: At Far Pavilions, we have a wide collection of bookcases that are made from reclaimed wood and evoke a rustic charm. This salvaged timber is sourced from old doors, ceilings, and other architectural elements from ancestral homes, palaces, and buildings. Sustainability is one of our top priorities while creating these bookcases, and hence we use upcycled wood and try our best to reduce further deforestation.

Hand-painted: Furniture with the imperfection of hand-painting makes a piece feel warm and inviting. Within our collection of hand-painted bookcases, you can find the one that will match the exquisite colors of your interiors.

Distressed finish: Bookcases in distressed finish, looks like it has been in use for a long time, adding a raw glam to the modern interiors. With a worn-out look, distressed bookcases add character to the interior.

Hand-carved: A hand-carved bookcase made of solid wood reflects your taste of fineness. Bookcases and display cases from our assemblage are one-of-a-kind and are meticulously hand-carved by our skilled woodworkers.

Extra-large bookcases: We offer bookcases that have been crafted by utilizing spliced columns as dividers between shelving. These extra-large bookcases can be very helpful in the library and home office to organize books, décor pieces, or trophies. When placed in the living room, it can create a contrast where decorative items and books can be styled side by side.


The material often determines the look and the finish of the final product. The material sets the tone for how the final product will be used and paired with the interiors of the house.

Teak wood: Teak wood is a hardwood that is strong and durable, and hence, a preferred choice in furniture making. Teak wood bookcases can retain their beauty for years and wear a beautiful natural grain.

Mango wood: Mango wood is another hardwood that features straight, interlocking pattern with naturally light brown to golden brown colors that give a wavy beauty to bookcases built from it. Mango wood is easy to work with in terms of finish and staining.

Reclaimed wood: Our bookcases made of wood repurposed and salvaged from old structures are sturdy and charming. We create reclaimed wood bookcases that help with sustainable development, creating low carbon-foot prints.

Far Pavilions houses a wide collection of bookcases and display cases that are eye-catching as well as utilitarian and come in various designs. These are handcrafted by our talented artisans using solid wood and reclaimed wood that is sourced from old doors, palaces, and buildings. Our eco-friendly furniture fits your dream of a marvelous interior while protecting Mother Earth.
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