As you enter Far Pavilions, it takes you to a different time and place. We offer antiques, art work, both old and new, accessories, and furniture hailing from India, Nepal, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Europe, Morocco etc. The furniture, decoratives, and textiles combine an old world charm and craftsmanship with elements of contemporary styling and functionality, resulting in distinctive pieces that offer limitless possibilities for the home. The furniture is all solid wood construction, with many pieces utilizing reclaimed architectural elements, lending them a rich and romantic heritage.

Ritika Bhasin: Following a successful 15-year career in Delhi, India, as an independent designer, Ritika brings her flair for design to Southern Texas. Ritika has designed numerous high-end projects for proud homeowners who were looking for something far from ordinary. Ritika holds an Interior Design degree from the prestigious International Academy of Design.

Our mission, says Ritika, is to bring high quality home decor from Asia to the discerning shopper. Our life and life styles have changed so dramatically and we now live in a global environment. It's so enjoyable to incorporate different world flavors to create a new and dynamic atmosphere in your home! Far Pavilions helps bring a small piece of that international community to you. The personality, character, and essence of your home are directly related to the character and the very soul of the furnishings you select for your home. The Far Pavilions not only offers impeccable quality in each item but also a true individuality that cannot be replicated.

In our experience we have found one rule of thumb to be true: combine the old and the new, the simple and the complex, the bright and the subdued, excellent quality and utility, and you will always achieve great results. To that end we offer a special kind of furniture and accessories that is unique, practical, and affordable, helping every person furnish a place close to the heart their home.

In my travels abroad I find myself drawn to old furniture layered with color and age. The fact that every piece was created by hand as a functional item while still maintaining its artistry gives it a captivating honesty. The human need to incorporate art and beauty into the most fundamental daily objects is amazing, and this is what I look for when selecting products for our store.

Our India line represents the colonial period in India, influenced by the British, Moghuls, Dutch, Portuguese, and French. The furniture business in colonial India operated in two directions; while the British were shipping spices, precious metals, woods, and silks back to England, the Indian royalty were busy shopping in Europe, thus influencing the design of the furniture and decoratives you see today.